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Firstly I want to thank you for visiting my website, I truely hope your visit is giving you knowledge and that your interest is being fulfilled. So have a listen to my songs in my video player section, I believe that they're really good tunes. I have said earlier that I would be uploading 11 new song videos to my video player  collection when they were ready to be uploaded. Now 11 new songs are now added to my earlier collection I hope you find them to your taste.    

I am very excited about my new set of songs, so people take a look and see what you think. So if you enjoyed listening to my present song videos I do truely think you will also enjoy my latest batch. As I have said earlier I'm on various other sites to mention but a few, Soundcloud you can also pay me a visit at ReverbNation.

This is my new website and I am new to this sort of things, but I am trying my best to make your visit to my site quite enjoyable and interesting. I want you all to keep visiting me so I  will be continually working on ways to making it intriging. 

In the coming months there will be really interesting developments I'm working on and you will see many additional features and information and what inspires me as a songwriter. And also my furtherance in different aspect of music and much more. So people as I've said this is my new website I just launched about not too long ago and it is a learning process as I gain knowledge and understanding of site presentation and building. you all will be very surprised about the plans I have in store concerning the development of my site and your valuable support and patience in this will be so appreciated.

Incidently Ladies and Gentlemen, I recently entered an Open Mic 2012, Regional Finals   Competition I was performing a rendition of 'Grenade'.  Although I just missed out on the Area Finals at the 02, I've aplied for the 2013 Open Mic UK Contest which will be sometime in the new year. I will keep you informed when I receive more details.

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Thank you all for your visit to my site and keep dropping by people, and may I take this opportunity to wish everyone an enjoyable day. And just to keep you entertained until ny next update, check out this website, it's the Enterainment Weekly (EW) magazine -


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