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I was born in England in the UK in a town called Bedford. When I was one, my mum sent me and my two other brothers to live with my grandmother  on an island called Carraicau, in the West Indies. I spent 7 glorious, happy years there gathering great memories that I so often reminsce about. When I returned to England after this fantastic experience, I became self-conscious, insecure and shy. It was a very traumatic change in my life and trying to adjust myself to British was a real problem for me, especially in school and with makng friends and socialising.

Natural-born songwriter

From a very early age (about 5 years old), I loved to sing without really knowing what I was singing about; I just had this natural instinct to perform as a singer and think up my own songs. From that early age, people would comment on how good my voice was -- but, of course, I was too young to know what they were on about at the time!

My first attempt at becoming a serious songwriter was when I was 13. I never wrote down this song but it stayed in my head (and I finally penned it only just recently!). I used to think the songs and lyrics I wrote were just a hobby, but since joining a company called the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC), they advised me to start viewing it as a career opportunity, so that is how I approach my music these days: as a professional songwriter offering up lyrics for sale across the UK. 

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Need a Songwriter? I'm Always Selling Song Lyrics! 

If you are an artist or musician are looking for material, perhaps you would be interested in taking up some of my songs to cover. As a professional songwriter, I create songs and lyrics which are viable for numerous different genres and purposes which have been confirmed by various organisations as being of the highest quality. I encourage artists and singers to contact me at their convenience to discuss my affordable rates, should you wish to buy lyrics.


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